The Marketplace is buzzing. Throngs of Citizens and their slaves mill about in the square. Vendors hawk their wares--finely honed knives of the finest metal, leather garments of the very best quality, new and wondrous things designed for your pleasure and satisfaction. The voices are boisterous, the smells intoxicating, and the people fascinating.

This is Rome 79 BCE. This is the Feast of Lupercalia!

All are waiting for the festival to begin. They wait to be blessed by the Priest of Lupercal and then perhaps to find true love; they await to feel the resurgence of the lust that gives connection to life.

Fast forward to Lupercalia 2018. Finely dressed Citizens and their beautiful slaves, all in their finest togas and tunics; everyone displaying the latest in Roman styles mixed with the exotic costumes of foreign lands. In every corner of the square you will find groups gathered, people greeting each other and speaking eagerly in anticipation of the night and days ahead.

Gather at this Feast, from the time before the saints. Join in this annual celebration of love, lust, desire, and community.

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