Worshops by Isaac Cross

Brain Play – The Joys & Dangers of Mind Fuck  
For the purpose of this class, “Mind Fuck” is defined as the creation of a false perception of reality in order to stimulate particular emotions. In other words, this class is about how to effective deceive a bottom in order to heighten the experience of a scene. This class will cover techniques, methodology, and motivations for psychological manipulation of a bottom. This class may be intense at times and those who are sensitive to extreme material may want to sit this one out.
Flipping the Switch
Covers the various issues and misconceptions of those who identify as a switch. This interactive discussion will cover a variety of topics relating to switches and switching.

 Adding Holes: Play Piercing Basic
This class is about temporary surface piercing. The presenter will explain materials, technique, and safety. This is an advanced class and participants are in no way encouraged to attempt play piercing on their own without one-on-one coaching from an experienced piercer. However, understanding what goes into a piercing scene and what you can get out of it can help you determine if you are interested in pursuing play piercing on your own.

Workshops by Lord Cailleach

But I Have Ticklish Feet! – Bastinado
How to torture and tease the feet, for enjoyment and pleasure. Historical and traditional perspectives on Bastinado (Foot Torture and Punishment) will be offered. Safety and precautions set out. Discussion of tools and implements that are useful for this. Let the fun begin. I will teach why this is so enjoyable, how to do it for the most intensity and how to prevent disasters and harm. This is a hands-on class. There will be opportunities for all who wish to experiment and try this themselves. The presentation includes a goody bag and handout for all participants.
I’m going to beat the Devil out of you! - Cathartic Scenes
There are scenes that make a difference in your life and the life of your partner(s). Cathartic scenes are described. The scenes are often unplanned and indirect, however they can be planned and the true goal achieved without missteps or difficulties. The questions answered will be: How do I know I need a cathartic scene? Can this happen by accident? What are the potential problems? When do I know where to stop? A short demonstration of one such scene will be performed. There is a handout for all attendees.)
We’re going to let the animal loose - Primal Scenes
Primal energy is the inner animal fighting, struggling to be released and set free. When the growling settles down and the scratching stops, what is left is somehow more pure and more real than before. But this is not something to be done casually even though it is the most spontaneous of all actions. Safety and control concerns are addressed in this class, and spotters and personal injuries are discussed.

Worshops by Sir Allan

The Art of Erotic Flogging and Leather 101, combined

How to make flogging more erotic and fun for both. For both Tops and bottoms, where do you fit into the world of bdsm or Leather, how do you define your role with others, and how do you interact with them? The two workshops are woven into one.

The Art of Erotic Flogging

This workshop is designed for the Top who wants to learn how to flog erotically, or anyone who wants to improve flogging knowledge and technique. AND it’s for the bottom who wants to better enjoy a flogging scene while staying safe.

  • Negotiation – why negotiate and what to negotiate. Who sets limits?
  • Warm up, or not? Know your partner.
  • What areas to avoid. Cause no harm.
  • Understand the role of endorphins.
  • Know when and how to increase stimulation.
  • Reading body language, skin tone and breathing.
  • Safe words.
  • Sub space, sub drop, top drop, aftercare, and more.
  • Demonstration and hands-on experience with tips and pointers on technique.

Leather 101

  • bottoms/submissives/slaves – what’s the differences in the 3 identities?
  • Your obligations, your responsibilities and your rights as a Top OR as a bottom in the local scene.
  • How to stay safe.
  • Limits - who sets them, and how to demand respect for them.

Workshops by Eric Pride

Discreet Public Erotic Role Play: How to Do It Safely and Get Away With It
Public role play can turn a mundane evening into one of the hottest, most exciting dates of your life. Ever been curious about just what that couple across from you at the restaurant has going for them – why he’s laughing, she’s blushing and trying to hide her face? You wonder what exciting secret they share? It could be nothing but the ordinary – or it could be that he’s whispered to her many scintillating and wonderfully sexy tasks throughout their date. They are engaging in public role play – and while nobody is noticing, it will be a night she won’t soon forget.
Protocols and Manners for Play and 24/7
The leather lifestyle has many unwritten rules and protocols. What are they? When are they in effect? How do you learn them?
Eric Pride’s lifestyle household, that he co-heads with Lady Christie, is well-known for their use of classical leather protocols. In this class he will not just talk about them, he will show many of them – from scene manners, formal protocols, to how they can be incorporated into play. In several hands-on demonstrations, he will show how they are used with new submissives and slaves, as well as how they can spice up your scenes.)

Heavy Consensual S&M: Pushing It to the Edge
Sadomasochism (S&M) is about the pleasure and enjoyment of inflicting or receiving pain and humiliation. In this class we discuss the heavier aspects of consensual S&M and how to experience it safely, including:
- Safety for tops and bottoms
- Consent, limits, and boundaries
- Subspace and topspace
- Processing and enjoying pain
- The psychological side of S&M
This class contains a few shorter play scenes to illustrate the discussion)

Worshops by Aly Sidra

Polyamory Without Attachment

Non-attachment in relationships is not indifference or apathy towards others. It’s an absence of fear which comes from a sense of impending loss.

Being overly accommodating to fears and insecurities can give us the illusion of stability and control. In relation to intimacy, however, this is what often destroys love.

Non-monogamy may be the rejection of sexual and romantic exclusivity, however we may carry much of our societal expectations and habits of monogamy into our relationships.

Exploring polyamory without attachment may help alleviate jealousy and destructive behaviors, as well as build trust with your partners. What does your chosen identity mean to others? What about in a group setting?

Workshops by John Pendal

How to Block Pain… And how to Break Blocks
How and why do our bodies feel pain? Why do some of us enjoy it so much and what could you get out of learning to block pain? What techniques do people use to process pain or block it completely? And how do you break a block that your play partner is using? If you want a fun & knowledgeable introduction to pain management, or just want to see a kinky Brit be on the receiving end of some "thud" and "sting", then this is the class for you.
Leadership, Burnout, and Splits, Oh My!
Why do so many leather and kink clubs suffer from splits and discord? Why are so many leather leaders facing burnout, and how do we make leadership roles more appealing for the next generation? Using role playing and audience participation, we'll look at several ways of running leather clubs and see which group copes best with a mole in their midst determined to stir up trouble.

 Unarmed BDSM: Things you can do with just the human body
There is a myth that to be a good SM Top you need to have huge toy bags full of expensive equipment, or access to a tool-shop to make your own gear. But what happens when you meet someone hot and you only have the space behind the coke machine on the 7th floor to come up with something creative? This session is for people on a limited budget or who would like to be able to enjoy a spontaneous scene without having their toy-bag with them. It's also invaluable for those who fly internationally from the UK and can't take many items through security - and then find that the airline has lost their luggage anyway. Together we'll explore the many different kinds of SM which can be practiced with just the human body: no lube, gloves, toys or any other equipment allowed.

Worshops by Cat Maverick

CBT: cock and ball torture! Hurray!

Welcome to the wonderful world of torturing the dangly bits.
Basics techniques for beginners to crazy, intense ideas for the hard-core!

This class will attempt to cover a wide spectrum of CBT including: anatomy and safety concerns, sensation play, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, penis arts and crafts, slapping, hitting, bruising, kicking, bondage, chemical play, weights, predicaments, piercing/staples, butterfly boards and more!

Hands on demonstrations will be a big part of the fun! Willing volunteers are encouraged to contact CatMaverick to discuss participating.

Genital Torture for People with Vulvas

This is a fun class full of creative ideas for torturing female genitalia. From playful to extreme, pleasurable to agonising.
Cat will cover things like: safety, anatomy, stuffing, toys, clamps, cupping, impact, sounding, cunt punting and piercing. Several fun demos (depending on the bravery of volunteer bottoms!). Join her for a class all about the lady bits!

Workshops by Master Severyn

20 Shades of Red: The Art of Erotic Spanking (Where else can you learn 20 positions to give and receive an erotic spanking?!
This seminar will show you important techniques that will allow you to succeed in giving a spanking that is sure to excite your partner and leave them wanting more. Guests will also learn what to avoid during spankings and how the body reacts to spankings and impact play. Each of the 20 spanking positions will be demonstrated with a variety of different spanking toys.
Bringing Order to Chaos: BDSM & Disability
BDSM often allows us to push personal limits. What happens when we are already living with a set of limitations imposed on us by our own body and poor health? From silent diseases to life-threatening health conditions this conference will provide guests with valuable information for those living with certain diseases and disabilities while giving advice on how they can safely enjoy BDSM play. Useful for guests who live with or suffer from Diabetes, Asthma, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), Fibromyalgia or Epilepsy.

Positive Discipline: Working together for a more positive dynamic.
Positive Discipline is about encouraging good behavior, an alternative to the common punishment and reward method we often see in BDSM. In this conference we discuss the differences between Discipline and Punishment, reasons why encouragement may be a better motivator than punishment. We provide suggestions on how to improve communication, removing fear and involving oneself in a supportive role as well as methods to ensure that those in D-s or M-s relationships are working together for a more positive dynamic.

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