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20 Shades of Red: The Art of Erotic Spanking (Where else can you learn 20 positions to give and receive an erotic spanking?!
This seminar will show you important techniques that will allow you to succeed in giving a spanking that is sure to excite your partner and leave them wanting more. Guests will also learn what to avoid during spankings and how the body reacts to spankings and impact play. Each of the 20 spanking positions will be demonstrated with a variety of different spanking toys.
Bringing Order to Chaos: BDSM & Disability
BDSM often allows us to push personal limits. What happens when we are already living with a set of limitations imposed on us by our own body and poor health? From silent diseases to life-threatening health conditions this conference will provide guests with valuable information for those living with certain diseases and disabilities while giving advice on how they can safely enjoy BDSM play. Useful for guests who live with or suffer from Diabetes, Asthma, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), Fibromyalgia or Epilepsy.

Positive Discipline: Working together for a more positive dynamic.
Positive Discipline is about encouraging good behavior, an alternative to the common punishment and reward method we often see in BDSM. In this conference we discuss the differences between Discipline and Punishment, reasons why encouragement may be a better motivator than punishment. We provide suggestions on how to improve communication, removing fear and involving oneself in a supportive role as well as methods to ensure that those in D-s or M-s relationships are working together for a more positive dynamic.

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