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How to Block Pain… And how to Break Blocks
How and why do our bodies feel pain? Why do some of us enjoy it so much and what could you get out of learning to block pain? What techniques do people use to process pain or block it completely? And how do you break a block that your play partner is using? If you want a fun & knowledgeable introduction to pain management, or just want to see a kinky Brit be on the receiving end of some "thud" and "sting", then this is the class for you.
Leadership, Burnout, and Splits, Oh My!
Why do so many leather and kink clubs suffer from splits and discord? Why are so many leather leaders facing burnout, and how do we make leadership roles more appealing for the next generation? Using role playing and audience participation, we'll look at several ways of running leather clubs and see which group copes best with a mole in their midst determined to stir up trouble.

 Unarmed BDSM: Things you can do with just the human body
There is a myth that to be a good SM Top you need to have huge toy bags full of expensive equipment, or access to a tool-shop to make your own gear. But what happens when you meet someone hot and you only have the space behind the coke machine on the 7th floor to come up with something creative? This session is for people on a limited budget or who would like to be able to enjoy a spontaneous scene without having their toy-bag with them. It's also invaluable for those who fly internationally from the UK and can't take many items through security - and then find that the airline has lost their luggage anyway. Together we'll explore the many different kinds of SM which can be practiced with just the human body: no lube, gloves, toys or any other equipment allowed.

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