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But I Have Ticklish Feet! – Bastinado
How to torture and tease the feet, for enjoyment and pleasure. Historical and traditional perspectives on Bastinado (Foot Torture and Punishment) will be offered. Safety and precautions set out. Discussion of tools and implements that are useful for this. Let the fun begin. I will teach why this is so enjoyable, how to do it for the most intensity and how to prevent disasters and harm. This is a hands-on class. There will be opportunities for all who wish to experiment and try this themselves. The presentation includes a goody bag and handout for all participants.
I’m going to beat the Devil out of you! - Cathartic Scenes
There are scenes that make a difference in your life and the life of your partner(s). Cathartic scenes are described. The scenes are often unplanned and indirect, however they can be planned and the true goal achieved without missteps or difficulties. The questions answered will be: How do I know I need a cathartic scene? Can this happen by accident? What are the potential problems? When do I know where to stop? A short demonstration of one such scene will be performed. There is a handout for all attendees.)
We’re going to let the animal loose - Primal Scenes
Primal energy is the inner animal fighting, struggling to be released and set free. When the growling settles down and the scratching stops, what is left is somehow more pure and more real than before. But this is not something to be done casually even though it is the most spontaneous of all actions. Safety and control concerns are addressed in this class, and spotters and personal injuries are discussed.

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