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Brain Play – The Joys & Dangers of Mind Fuck  
For the purpose of this class, “Mind Fuck” is defined as the creation of a false perception of reality in order to stimulate particular emotions. In other words, this class is about how to effective deceive a bottom in order to heighten the experience of a scene. This class will cover techniques, methodology, and motivations for psychological manipulation of a bottom. This class may be intense at times and those who are sensitive to extreme material may want to sit this one out.
Flipping the Switch
Covers the various issues and misconceptions of those who identify as a switch. This interactive discussion will cover a variety of topics relating to switches and switching.

 Adding Holes: Play Piercing Basic
This class is about temporary surface piercing. The presenter will explain materials, technique, and safety. This is an advanced class and participants are in no way encouraged to attempt play piercing on their own without one-on-one coaching from an experienced piercer. However, understanding what goes into a piercing scene and what you can get out of it can help you determine if you are interested in pursuing play piercing on your own.

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