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The Art of Erotic Flogging and Leather 101, combined

How to make flogging more erotic and fun for both. For both Tops and bottoms, where do you fit into the world of bdsm or Leather, how do you define your role with others, and how do you interact with them? The two workshops are woven into one.

The Art of Erotic Flogging

This workshop is designed for the Top who wants to learn how to flog erotically, or anyone who wants to improve flogging knowledge and technique. AND it’s for the bottom who wants to better enjoy a flogging scene while staying safe.

  • Negotiation – why negotiate and what to negotiate. Who sets limits?
  • Warm up, or not? Know your partner.
  • What areas to avoid. Cause no harm.
  • Understand the role of endorphins.
  • Know when and how to increase stimulation.
  • Reading body language, skin tone and breathing.
  • Safe words.
  • Sub space, sub drop, top drop, aftercare, and more.
  • Demonstration and hands-on experience with tips and pointers on technique.

Leather 101

  • bottoms/submissives/slaves – what’s the differences in the 3 identities?
  • Your obligations, your responsibilities and your rights as a Top OR as a bottom in the local scene.
  • How to stay safe.
  • Limits - who sets them, and how to demand respect for them.

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