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Polyamory Without Attachment

Non-attachment in relationships is not indifference or apathy towards others. It’s an absence of fear which comes from a sense of impending loss.

Being overly accommodating to fears and insecurities can give us the illusion of stability and control. In relation to intimacy, however, this is what often destroys love.

Non-monogamy may be the rejection of sexual and romantic exclusivity, however we may carry much of our societal expectations and habits of monogamy into our relationships.

Exploring polyamory without attachment may help alleviate jealousy and destructive behaviors, as well as build trust with your partners. What does your chosen identity mean to others? What about in a group setting?

Lupercalia MMXVIII

16.02.2018 - 17:00 o'clock

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To be Announced September 30, 2017 at the Lupercalia Kink-Off and Play Party

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