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CBT: cock and ball torture! Hurray!

Welcome to the wonderful world of torturing the dangly bits.
Basics techniques for beginners to crazy, intense ideas for the hard-core!

This class will attempt to cover a wide spectrum of CBT including: anatomy and safety concerns, sensation play, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, penis arts and crafts, slapping, hitting, bruising, kicking, bondage, chemical play, weights, predicaments, piercing/staples, butterfly boards and more!

Hands on demonstrations will be a big part of the fun! Willing volunteers are encouraged to contact CatMaverick to discuss participating.

Genital Torture for People with Vulvas

This is a fun class full of creative ideas for torturing female genitalia. From playful to extreme, pleasurable to agonising.
Cat will cover things like: safety, anatomy, stuffing, toys, clamps, cupping, impact, sounding, cunt punting and piercing. Several fun demos (depending on the bravery of volunteer bottoms!). Join her for a class all about the lady bits!

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Lupercalia MMXVIII

16.02.2018 - 17:00 o'clock



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