2018 Workshops

Mastering Flogging: One and Two Hands (Zemryn)

Flogging is the quintessential art in BDSM. It is the gateway drug for many. It also commonly gets overlooked for flashier and edgier play.
That ends here and now!
A fluffy Rope Top is going to lay down some science and reframe a classic. We're going to: Break the rules, steal techniques from other arts, do things backwards, and have you dual wielding by the end of the day.
No matter your experience level, there is something new for you here.
Bring your floggers.

"Got stick?" From caning to beyond! (PoppaNawa)

Using a simple standard cane or other improvised stick, a person can not only strike, but also achieve compliance, restraint, takedowns, discomfort, other options than standard impact play. One toy to rule them all! (Thicker canes suggested, some practice sticks supplied)

Rope 101 advanced (TinyK and Katt)

This is not your basic rope 101 presentation. During this presentation we dive deeper into "rope play" discussing many subjects as, rope types (what you can & can't do, load weights, allergies, how to care for your rope etc.) We also cover human anatomy (where major arteries are located, circulation, blood sugar drop, nerve &/or joint damage) Lastly as a life coach & current psychology major Katt speaks about endorphins caused from rope play & psychological effects as a whole. This class is very detailed specific & speaks from both top & bottom POV. We want individuals to leave this class with a stronger knowledge about the many different options of how items can be used, the strengths/weakness of each item and how to safely operate all tools in your toy bag. Having a strong foundation will help each individual during stressful times, emergency situations and helping to offer assistance to those learning a new skill.

Inverted Suspension by the Ankle (TinyK and Katt)

In this class we go over my personally modified "Gravity Boot" tie commonly used for a inverted suspension. This Gravity Boot tie was created by modifying the original design created by Jack ElFrink. This design can be used for many different types of play, including suspensions & restraints. We cover not only how to complete the tie itself but safety in doing so as the feet are extremely delicate parts of the human body with many small bones, ligaments and muscles. This class will go over a extremely safe, simple & visually pleasing way to create a very versatile tie with many uses.

Decorative ties for pictures and how to make rope look good in pictures (TinyK and Katt)

This class will be designed to help people from experienced professional photographers to cell phone capturing enthusiasts. Not only does the rigger and the rope bottom enjoy having a functional tie but in our experience "Pictures or it didn't happen". To be able to capture the energy of the moment in time to share with yourself or others. This class will mainly focus on techniques and developing styles that will primarily benefit rope for photos. There will be a small portion of the class that speaks about photography techniques. We will go over different types of ropes, additional props, camera/ location settings and tools to help achieve better pictures than the normal. This class is for all body types.

Predicament bondage (TinyK and Katt)

Thinking about being extremely sadistic? Then this class is for you.
"Predicament is defined as follows: a difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation."
During this class we will go over many different options about how to place a person in a difficult situation just for the tops sadistic pleasure. We will cover many aspects along with ties such as safety, physical & mental responsibilities (both top and bottom), devices for use, etc..

Decorative rope designs (TinyK and Katt)


A chest or waist harness can be used for much more than for suspensions. This class is a focus about how to create those beautiful harness ties. These ties will help focus on the body form, curves and body structure of the rope bottom. Learning how to take a standard design and form that to the person that is being tied up. We will go over different ways to create beautiful designs to look at and ways to help the person wearing them feel good while looking pretty no matter their size, gender, disability, etc. Every person is different and unique, so should be every design.

Marionette suspension (TinyK and Katt)

This suspension creates a safe "no fall" suspension allowing the bottom to move themselves as they wish. In this tie we incorporate a waist and chest harness connected to a hard point. Then two single column ties are attached to the ankles & again tied to the hard point connection. Lastly, for movement and stability we will connect a 30ft rope section above to the hard point that the bottom can then "grab & pull" allowing for movement. This tie allows the bottom free range movement even if the bottom doesn't not possess immense amounts of core or upper body muscle strength.

State of Consent (Susan Wright)

Consent has taken center stage in national conversations, but how can we help move beyond sound bytes and buzzwords to create real change? Come explore consent and the movements for social change that are fighting against sexual violence throughout history, and how ownership over our own bodies lies at the heart of consent. We will also discuss what Susan has learned about consent from 25 years’ experience with BDSM advocacy, women’s rights, and victim advocacy services.

Consent Counts Discussion (Susan Wright)

Consent isn’t black and white – in fact sometimes what’s legal isn’t considered ethical by kinky people, and sometimes what we consider ethical isn’t legal in the U.S. Come join our interactive discussion to talk about limits, liability issues, and how to deal with consent incidents. We’ll look at the results of NCSF’s Consent Violations Survey to see who is at higher risk, and what to keep in mind when negotiating BDSM play. Come talk about consent with us!

Straight Razor Shaving Basics (Jim Duvall)

Straight razors are sexy, sophisticated and old fashioned all at once. Jim has been using a straight razor to shave himself and his partners for the last decade. Join him as he will share tips on how to choose and handle a straight razor with you, as well as sharpening and razor care. Jim will teach you the basics you need to know for shaving your own face or legs and the adaptive techniques necessary to shave your partner. Jim will even demonstrate how to shave your partner's more intimates areas.

Erotic Hypnosis - Getting Started (Two Parts)

The Mind is the largest Sex Organ (Jim Duvall)

Get started on your erotic hypnotic journey with a certified hypnotherapist. Jim will teach you 2 hypnotic inductions and 2 deepeners to give you a solid foundation for your explorations. Jim will give you ample time to practice each set of techniques with coaching, enabling you to relax and connect with your practice partner.

Don't worry, Jim won't make you cluck like a chicken. And no, he won't teach you how to seduce people without their consent. Touching on ethics and consent, Jim will lead a discussion of all the exciting and sexy things you can do with your partner with erotic hypnosis.

Whether you want to take or give up control to your partner, erotic hypnosis requires that both partners develop special skills. Each technique you learn as a hypnotist will have a corresponding skill that is needed as a hypnotic subject. Learning from both sides of the equation will increase your capacity for fun and connection. To enhance these new skills, attendees will be encouraged to practice with multiple partners. Participation is mandatory with focus on obtaining consent and respecting limits.

Due to the intimate nature of this class, no late entry or voyeurism is allowed. Some exercises will require lying down, so please bring anything to facilitate your comfort. Pillows, blanket or yoga mat are recommended. Wear comfortable clothing.

Will that Hold Me: Assessing Hardpoints for Suspension Bondage (Jim Duvall)

The most catastrophic accidents in suspension bondage are caused by hardpoint failure. Yet for most of us it is the one thing in our suspension play we have the least control or knowledge about. This class is for both tops and bottoms with an eye toward giving you the skills you need to look up and decide "will that hold me” (or the one you love). We will discuss in layman's terms how things actually fail and what signs to look for that a hardpoint has been poorly maintained or is too weak. I will show examples of things done right and things done wrong as well as demonstrate some failures in the class. This class is a must for any top or bottom who wants to play with suspension. There will be time for discussion of class examples as well and students are encouraged to bring their questions.


No matter how skilled you are as a BDSM player things can and will always go wrong. This class examines both emotional and physical pitfalls of kinky scenes with tips for warning signs you should look out for, ways to avoid a disaster, and coping strategies when the worst situations seem to occur. But in the rare cases where you might have had a perfectly accident-free kinky life so far, you should simply attend to laugh at a Brit who's not been as fortunate as you!

NIPPLE PLAY (John Pendal)

Nipples are great fun to play with. In another fun and entertaining class from the kinky Brit, we'll look at many ways to including nipples in a BDSM scene including abrasion, clamps (home made and bought), weights, things you can do with your hands, suction, biting, foodstuffs, temperature play, impact play, predicaments, temporary piercings and health risks.

Dungeon Depot – Power Tool Play (The Kitty and Jsin)

Ever wondered about some of the more aggressive toys out there? Are you curious about making a fucksaw? Do you see a drill or angle grinder just collecting dust? Have you always felt that a chainsaw would add the perfect touch to your scenes? We agree! From your workshop to your toy bag, heavy grit sandpaper, staple guns, and a world of fun toys can be found at your local hardware store. There are risks, of course, but a little time and effort can make fun toys out of things you've never imagined. Safety will be strongly addressed from both the tools and the people’s point of view.

Gerbils, Coke Bottles and Chainsaws – What Not to Put in Your Body (The Kitty)

Insertables are so much fun and we've all got orifices to invade! We’ll start with the mouth and work our way down, leaving no hole unfilled. This class will teach about the various things you can use to stuff into people; from anal speculum to urethral sounds. Sticking it in, getting it back out, and everything in between!
Safety issues as well as techniques will be covered in this very hands-on demo.

Scalpels & Sutures/Opening and Closing the Skin (Broken into 2 classes) (The Kitty)

There’s more than one way to skin a cat…er, a bottom. There are many fun ways to really get under someone’s skin. Of course what gets opened needs to be closed, but there’s fun to be had there as well! Sutures and surgical staplers can do so much more than just close up a wound. Bloody good fun shouldn't be left in the operating room, and don’t worry we’ll be able to put back anything we take out. You know, probably…

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