Hallowed Screams

Lupercalia MMXVII

17.02.2017 - 17:00 o'clock



Workshop List

Lord Morpheous
Friday Keynote
2 Workshops to be announced at a later time

Master Severyn
20 Shades of Red: The Art of Erotic Spanking
Bringing Order to Chaos: BDSM & Disability
Positive Discipline: Working together for a more positive dynamic.

John Pendal
How to Block Pain… And how to Break Blocks
Leadership, Burnout, and Splits, Oh My!
Unarmed BDSM: Things you can do with just the human body

Eric Pride
Discreet Public Erotic Role Play: How to Do It Safely and Get Away With It
Protocols and Manners for Play and 24/7
Heavy Consensual S&M: Pushing It to the Edge

Lord Cailleach
But I Have Ticklish Feet! – Bastinado
I’m going to beat the Devil out of you! - Cathartic Scenes
We’re going to let the animal loose - Primal Scenes

Isaac Cross
Brain Play – The Joys & Dangers of Mind Fuck
Flipping the Switch
Adding Holes: Play Piercing Basic

CBT 101
Genital torture for people with vulvas

Aly Sildra
Polyamory Without Attachment

Sir Allan
The Art of Erotic Flogging and Leather 101 (one class)