Rules for the Dungeon

  1. Dungeon monitors must be obeyed at all times. If you have a problem, please discuss it away from the play space.
  2. Safe words are to be enforced. The safe words for this play space are:
    1. Red means stop all play.
    2. Orange/Yellow does not mean stop but slow down.
    3. Green means that all is well and to continue.
  3. Cameras or camera phones are not allowed in the play area. Anyone having a camera or camera phone will be asked to leave immediately.
  4. Alcohol is not permitted in the play area. Drugs are not permitted anywhere in Lupercalia Inc. event space and anyone found with such will be asked to leave.
  5. Sex is not allowed.
    1. Sex is defined as no insertion of any body part or object into any orifices of the body with the exception of mouth to mouth kissing. If you feel that any part of your play might be in violation of this then discuss it with the Dungeon Monitor before you start.
  6. No Wax or Fire of any kind is permitted. (Venue request)
  7. Special requests must go through the Dungeon Monitors first and before play.
    1. Examples of special requests would include take downs, and using toys on genital areas.
  8. Don't touch anything belonging to someone else without permission. This includes their possessions and slave(s).
  9. No food or drinks allowed in play area, with the exception of bottled water in a clear, nonā€breakable container.
  10. Be respectful and quiet while watching scenes as noise may be disruptive. Never interrupt a scene.
  11. If you want to play with someone, just ask them.  Accept the first answer they give.
  12. If the play areas are busy, you may mention to the Dungeon Monitor to arrange some time on a certain piece of equipment.
  13. You are expected to clean (sterilize) the equipment you have used. Relevant products will be available near the play area.
  14. The social area is to sociable in, not for play.
  15. Certain types of play have specific requirements in this dungeon.
    1. Blood play will be only in the designated areas with plastic drop cloths. Anyone engaging in blood play must use rubber gloves.
    2. There is limited access to electricity so please ask if you need a plug in.
    3.  Suspension scenes must have a spotter and we expect anyone playing with rope to have safety scissors visible.
  16. The Dungeon Monitors are there to help you with any question you might have.
  17. If you have any problem with the above rules refer to rule number (1.

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