Message from your Volunteer Coordinator

Lupercalia is an amazing event; organized, managed and operated all by volunteers! The weekend is action packed and full of opportunities to become involved. If you have attended Lupercalia or a similar event in the past, you already can appreciate the volunteers for their commitment and their work in making such events possible!

Volunteering is an incredible way to become involved. My personal experience volunteering has been very rewarding. Meeting new community members, spending time with like-minded people and knowing I was part of making the event possible are just a few reasons I volunteer. It gives an opportunity to not only give back to the community, but to also expand myself and my participation in the community.

Please help us create yet another amazing Lupercalia! Help us make Lupercalia MMXVII (2017) the most memorable and welcoming weekend of the year!

Volunteer Positions Available:servingpic

  • Registration Desk: The registration desk will be needing volunteers for Friday (3pm – Midnight), Saturday (8am – Midnight) and Sunday (8am – Midnight). Shifts will be 2 hours long and time slots will be given on a first requested/first received basis.
  • Dungeon Monitors: 2 Dungeon Monitors will be required per shift for every hour the dungeon is open: Friday 10pm – 2am, Saturday 9pm – 2am. Please note that those volunteering to DM will need to have taken a DM training workshop.
  • Silent Auction Monitors/Set-up: The silent auction is an integral part of Lupercalia. We will need 4 volunteers for set-up of the auction on Friday from 10am to 1pm. After set-up, we need volunteers to monitor the silent auction during the vendor market hours on Friday (7pm-10pm) and Saturday (10am-10pm). When the auction closes for bidding on Saturday evening, we will require 4 volunteers from 10pm – midnight to collect money, cut down items and record the transactions.
  • Dungeon Set-up and Tear Down: Dungeon set-up will take place Friday morning and we require 6 or more strong bodies to help with the unloading and set up of equipment. Tear down of the dungeon will occur from 8am to 11am Monday morning. Again, we will need at least 6 volunteers to take down and load dungeon equipment.
  • Security: There are positions available to help with security at Lupercalia. If you have a security background or relevant experience, please contact me for more details on what is required.

Please contact me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I am here to answer your questions!

Now I am all excited! I cannot wait for Lupercalia! Come help us make this year a huge success and be part of the Lupercalia excitement!!

Be safe, have fun and please, Volunteer!!

Karen (kuffs_)


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Lupercalia MMXVIII

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